How To Frp Bypass Xiaomi Redmi S2

frp bypass

How to restore Xiaomi Redmi S2 because I forgot the old Gmail Password. if you experience problems with the FRP (Factory Reset Protection) after performing a factory reset because the smartphone has been used, the old owner accidentally doesn’t remember the password, even the Google e-mail is luga, or after wiping data from recovery.

calm down here there are several solution options so that the Xiaomi Redmi S2 is locked Google can be reused, in fact many have also discussed how to deal with a locked Xiaomi phone that asks for a Google account that was previously synchronized on this device.

frp bypass

Xiaomi Mobile will request a previously synchronized Google account after performing a factory data reset, either through the handphone settings or from the recovery mode menu.

Actually the key to getting past a Google account that was previously synchronized on this device (Xiaomi mobile phone) is that you have to be able to enter the handphone settings menu and activate Developer Mode to enable OEM unlocking and enable USB debugging .
This method is actually already widely scattered on Google and YouTube .

Difficulties when bypassing Google accounts that often occur:

  1. Where when trying to step bypass Google Xiaomi account there is no button or menu “Share”  bug on  “ in the SMS menu .
  2. Or we can’t enable “OEM unlocking” because when bypassing the Google Xiaomi FRP account the OEM menu unlocking is “gray out” or gray so it can’t be “clicked” or activated.
  3. When trying to run the Bypass FRP 2018 application information appears samsung bypass google verify apk stalled or force close. Though already installed the Google Account Manager application according to the Android version used.
  4. Already tried using the Quick Shortcut application also failed. Although you can enter the settings menu, but still, OEM unlocking is still Gray-out  or can’t be clicked .
  5. As a result, although we can just delete data to factory settings via the mobile settings menu too, still, after the xiaomi handphone comes back to life it will still be locked into a Google account and request a Google account beforehand.

Menu OEM Unlocking ( Unlock OEM ) to gray out the Xiaomi Frp Bypass Google account and change becomes inactive occurs because the phone is in the condition unlocked bootloader (Bootloader is already open). Or Mi Unlock status has been “Unlocked” / key open. So the Android system will protect after a hard reset or factory data reset .

FRP Bypass Steps:

  1. first take another smartphone that is connected to the internet and then on that other smartphone, you just make it Hotspot by going to the Settings / Network menu or other network then select on tethering and hotspot
  2. Then pick up and remove the installed Sim Card and turn it on when it’s off
  3. After life continue the settings until the Connect to network menu .
  4. Before connecting to an available Wifi network, first enter the active SIM that you have prepared in advance. The SIM only functions to send SMS which we will do as a procedure for bypassing Google account .
  5. After the SIM card is installed, please connect your smartphone to the WiFi hotspot network or you can use your cellular data
  6. Still on the Connect to network menu, then press on the Add network option .